Welcome To The Blog. Hello World!

This is going to be a space where studio staff will regularly write posts on what’s going on in the studio. Also if your into the geek side of the tech stuff we will occasionally divulge some crucial nuggets of information on what our engineers and producers are doing to make stuff sound great.

Summer usually gives studios a bit of breathing space to do stuff that you can’t do in other parts of the year . In between recording E.Ps for bands like Hellfire Jack We have spent some time on tarting up the website and our online presence. The results (in our humble opinion are “quite nice”).

As well as doing the web stuff we also found time to get our incredible Neve tech Neil McCombie to give our desk a damn good fettling. We also upgraded our recording rig to 32 in and 40 out of Black Lion Requisite FM 192. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what that is, I’ll explain later.

So stay tuned for weekly updates on what’s going on at the studio.

See you soon.