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DSC_0459At Beat Street Studio we offer a second to none Neve online mixing service that will give your tracks the stunning sound quality of a Neve analogue mix, without the need for you to be present in the studio. Simply send us your multi-track audio session via we transfer or gobbler and you will receive back from us, a superb Neve mix carried out to your briefing. Online mixing is a big part of our business and we have satisfied clients from as far and wide as Warsaw in Poland and Brisbane in Australia. Take advantage of this Neve Online Mixing Service Leeds today!
From radio to television and beyond, these days digital recording is the format for pretty much all the music you will hear. The amount of control modern computer DAWs offer far exceeds the editing capabilities of analogue, which is awesome, but digitally mixed recordings just don’t stand up against analogue mixes and recordings. For many people digital mixes lack the depth and 3d-ness that mixing through an analogue Neve console offers.

Online mixing here in Leeds offers an accessible and flexible service for those that want a high quality mix for an equally high quality record. It is perhaps the ultimate answer to the vicious circle that a band cannot afford decent quality studio time and the potential success they may get if they do spend money and have a recording that stands out in the crowd. Beat Street online mixing in Leeds, West Yorkshire is high quality, reliable and excellent value. Get your awesome songs professionally mixed in a great Neve mix room from £35.00 per hour.


What we will do for you.

Having a great mix is vital for presenting a song in it’s best possible light. It can really help to determine if a track has the potential to be successful or not! You don’t have to be local to us to take advantage of our online mixing service!

As well as a great balance between the individual elements of the track we will also use panning to place it in the stereo field. We can also accentuate or suppress certain frequencies using equalisation, or control dynamics using compression and limiting. We can also dramatically change the vibe of a track by adding effects such as reverb and delay. Essentially, we can do whatever you need to make your vision become reality.

All you need to do is send us the audio and our professional online mixing engineers will do all the above and more to create a sonic masterpiece for you to cherish.

What we need from you.

1. It’s your responsibility to ensure that tracks are in a good order before sending them for mixing. Please ensure that your audio is timed and tuned to your satisfaction. Large amounts of editing will be chargeable and will delay turnaround time.
2. We accept the following formats .WAV or .AIFF at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 khz at 16 or 24bit

3. One song up to six minutes long can be worked on per mix (extra charges apply for songs over six minutes)

4. Ideally your song should have no more than 48 tracks. ( all stereo tracks are classed as 2 tracks)

5. A track must not share different sounds e.g a backing vocal with a guitar solo. If you need to loose some tracks we suggest bouncing things like backing vocals or harmonies (please ensure you have the correct balance and panning configuration before you do this)

6. Tracks must be free from audio clipping. Clips cannot be removed during the mix. If your DAW has a normalize function when bouncing please ensure it is switched off.

7. Please ensure that any unique effects that are integral to the track such as filter sweeps and auto pan effects are left in. Please remove any general effects such as reverb or delay.

8. Please print any MIDI or virtual instruments to audio.

9. Please provide us with a short brief on the direction you would like the mix to go and let us know any particular songs you would like us to reference to. It is also helpful to include any rough mixes you may have.

10. Up to two mix revisions, if required are included in the price. A revision is a minor tweak to the sounds on a mix e.g “turn up the lead vocal” or “the acoustic guitar is too bright”. Major changes in direction will be treated as a new job and charged accordingly.

                     Neve Online Mixing Service LeedsNeve Online Mixing Service Leeds

Neve Online Mixing Service Leeds West Yorkshire