Neve Recording Studios Leeds

recording studios leedsWelcome to Beat Street Pro Tools recording studio Leeds. We are a professional recording studio in Leeds run by professionals for professionals and the professionally minded recording artist.

We have successfully bridged the gap between the larger, but to many often unaffordable recording studios in Leeds and the smaller, more affordable (but perhaps not so well equipped) recording studios in Leeds – to bring to you world class standard recording, mixing and post-production facilities.

 Read on, and we’ll explain why Beat Street Studio is such a great recording facility.

It’s actually quite simple really. At Beat Street recording studio you will not only find one of the highest spec facilities in northern England and the only studio in Yorkshire with a beautiful vintage Neve V3 console at its heart – one of only a handful at work in Europe today and interfaced via Requisite Black Lion Audio FM192 AD-DA converters, to a Pro Tools 10 HD3 recording system offering 40 channels each of inputs and outputs.

Black Lion Audio FM192 converters and Neve consoles are favoured by renowned producer Mutt Lange and hit artists like Dave Grohl, Run DMC, the late Amy Winehouse and The Police, for example.

To the best of our knowledge Beat Street Studio is the only Pro Tools recording studio and Neve online mixing facility (not just in Leeds, but throughout Yorkshire) that can offer you an enviable Neve recording and mixing facility at possibly the lowest rates in the UK for such a high specification. In fact as far as we know the nearest commercial Neve recording studio to us, is across the pennines in Manchester.

neve recording studios leedsThis Pro Tools recording studio Leeds isn’t just a random space with some expensive audio equipment thrown in either. Our superb sounding, acoustically designed, air-conditioned control room is a wonderfully inspiring, cool space in which to craft your music and is adjoined to a fabulous sounding live room and an additional purpose built vocal and isolation booth. All our monitoring has been specifically tuned, using room analysis hardware, to our control room. This is something very few studios can truly boast!

Moreover, with an eye towards flexibility, all five rooms are tied to the console patchbay, offering different acoustic options when tracking your music. Some prefer tracking from the control room where possible, but we do of course also have a nice sized live room, a dedicated acoustically dead vocal booth, a nice lively brick walled room and a very transparent smaller live space to choose from.

At Beat Street Studio, we have a team of passionate, experienced, talented and dedicated personnel on board to help make your vision a reality. We have fantastic in-house music producers and first class session musicians available, should you require their services.

 When recording in this Leeds recording studio you’ll love our in house Mesa Boogie and Ampeg bass systems plus Fender, Mesa Boogie, Roland and Marshall guitar amps, both valve and solid state to choose from. We have a collection of vintage keys, including a Hammond and a Wurlitzer, we also have an awesome in house hand crafted Jalepeno kit and a fab Yamaha studio drum kit that both give fantastic recording results in our great sounding live room.

All in all if you are looking to make a great record in a recording studio in Leeds, you’ll get all the help you need to do just that at Beat Street Studio.

Situated just under 3 miles from Leeds city station in the thriving suburb of Meanwood, Beat Street Studio is surrounded by an array of excellent amenities including bars, restaurants, cafés and supermarkets, and benefits from excellent transport links. (Accommodation can be arranged if required, please ask when booking your session.)

You can find a full spec list here, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or to arrange a tour.