Pro Tools Recording Studio Leeds

Recording Services here at Beat Street Studio in Leeds include but are not limited to;

Neve desk 1Original bands

We work hard to achieve the sound each original band is looking to create. For the best results we like to cut the record live wherever possible, keeping overdubs to a minimum.

Cover bands

If you are in a wedding or function band, why not consider getting ahead of you many competitors and invest in a fabulous live recording that you can be proud of, one that will hopefully persuade your client to book you, instead of the band with the best demos. Remember you are running a business and it’s wise to invest properly.

Solo Artists

We love to work with guitar vocal or piano vocal type of artists; especially one’s who require our full song production service. We can truly bring your solo project up the standard of a finished commercial release.


We can record gospel and church choirs, for larger gospel and church choirs, by appointment, we can use the awesome temple live room (15m x 10m) upstairs and record up to 50 people comfortably.

Voiceover Recording 

We are regularly called upon to undertake voiceover work for film, TV and other multimedia projects. If you need broadcast quality voiceover recordings in Leeds, we have everything you will need to make this happen.

Remixes and Remix Services

We are experts at commercial standard remix work. Our in house remix engineer is adept with all things analogue and vintage synths. Ask him any sound and he will tell you what is is. The art to remixing is truly achieved at Beat Street Studio.

Neve mixing (attended)

We are happy for you to be in session whilst we mix your record to your exacting requirements.

Online Neve mixing (unattended)

Simply upload your multitrack session to us via wetransfer or gobbler and we will create a sonic masterpiece for you and present it to you for approval (revisions are of course allowed)

Post Production Work (pre mastering)

We are often asked to improve the overall sound of a mixed 2 track before it’s sent off for the official mastering process. This service is great if your mixing environment is limited by budget monitoring and ITB (in the box) mixes.

Session Musicians

We can arrange world-class standard session musicians for any instrument you may require. We only use players with a proven track record and a credible résumé, this ensures your music will sound professional and be fit for commercial release.

Gift Days

Sing to a backing track of your choice! Why not buy your partner or child a day in the recording studio as a Christmas or birthday gift idea? We have even had stag and hen parties come in to record, ahead of the messiness commencing of course.

Just for the record we record records in Leeds!!


Pro Tools Recording Studio Leeds