ReAmp Services

Recording Studio ReAmp Service Leeds

Home recording setups have become commonplace since the advent of DAW software, however people often struggle to achieve high quality in this environment.

Great sounding recordings are much more achievable if you have high end mics, pre amps and the right amplification for the sound you are looking to achieve on your record. This is where our professional recording studio ReAmp service can really help turn your multi track wavs from demo standard to release ready record standard.

Of course the quality of the recording studio ReAmp service will somewhat rely on the fact that you have played the parts well – we can’t simply wave a magic wand at them. We can however add the beans and dynamics you may be well be missing, using our world class mics, pre amps and outboard gear etc.

If you would like to attend the ReAmp session, that’s fine by us, however if you are living out of the Leeds area, then our online recording studio ReAmp service is probably the best option for you.

Send us your raw audio tracks in wav format via WeTransfer and we will process them through our high-end amplifiers using incredible microphones and mic pre amplifiers. We will send your ReAmped wavs by return ready for you to start your mix!

Choose from our extensive list of high end recording equipment to suit your preferences, or if you prefer to leave it up to our experienced engineers to decide, that’s fine by us!

If required we can also mix your record on our stunning analogue Neve console, with a fantastic range of vintage outboard gear at our disposal, not to mention years of professional experience.

So whether it’s just a recording studio ReAmp Service you need or a full Neve room mix service, we are happy to discuss your requirements. Please contact us here for an initial consultation.